Invitation-Results Based Financing Grants for Renewable Energy in Green Mini and Micro Grid


First Call for Result Based Financing Grants Application Deadline is 11:00 East African Time (8:00 GMT) on Friday, November 4th, 2016.

1.           Introduction

The Rural Energy Agency (REA) is responding to the Tanzanian Government’s aim to reach the UN initiative for Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Agenda of universal (100%) access by 2030[1] by opening a financing window for co-funding private sector renewable energy investments. Cooperation between the Government and the private sector through different types of public private partnerships are considered key elements in the effort to rapidly expand sustainable energy access. Sweden and the United Kingdom have contributed for supporting investments in Green Mini and Micro Grids.

The private sector financing window will be used strategically to incentivize scale-oriented investors to enter the rural electrification area and/or to expand ongoing electrification activities into less-served, more remote off-grid areas of the country for economic and social development purposes.

A Results Based Financing (RBF) approach will be used where capital grant incentives will be offered to Green Mini and Micro Grid (GMMG) service providers with realistic business plans, based on the verified number of electricity connections resulting from the financing support.

The Rural Energy Agency (REA) invites renewable mini- and micro grid Project Developers to submit applications for result based grants to support accelerated access to sustainable energy services in unserved rural areas of mainland Tanzania.

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